Communication Channels


Hello Escondido Families! 

With the school year starting remotely this year, it’s more important than ever that we set up good digital communication between the school and parents.


  • The Escondido PTA is no longer using Konstella as our platform for communication.  All of your communication will come through Parent Square from the school district, school administration, teachers and the PTA!  Make sure you are sharing your information with PTA so you are in the PTA group and can receive our messages.
  • Download Parent Square to your phone. 
    • Do you want to have eNews and ParentSquare messages translated to another language? Are your messages showing up in the wrong language?
      • If you are using the web browser: On your home page, click your name and select “My Account.” Then, select “Language Setting.”
      • If you are using the mobile app: From your home screen, click the triple bar in the top left corner. Click on “Account,” then “Preferences,” then “Language Settings.”
      • Select your preferred language and save.
    • Sync the Escondido PTA Calendar to your phone
    • Join the Escondido Parent Community on Facebook.  Meet other Escondido parents. Ask questions. Share information 

Got Questions? Just Ask the PTA! Send a question to the PTA and we’ll do our best to answer your question or direct you to someone who can. Email us at

updated 8/9/2021