How to Stay Connected

Staying Digitally Connected at Escondido, 2020-21 School Year PDF (English) (Espanol)

Hello Escondido Families! 

With the school year starting remotely this year, it’s more important than ever that we set up good digital communication between the school and parents.

There are 3 channels that we will be using this year that you should know about. The goal of these 3 channels is to set up parents to receive important classroom and school-wide communications, as well as enable parent-to-parent communications, during the 2020-2021 school year.

  1. Konstella – Escondido’s primary channel for teachers / class parents / PTA / Escondido event organizers to communicate with parents). We are continuing Konstella from last year. We typically have physical “Friday folders” to distribute information to parents, but with distance learning we will be sending much of this information through Konstella. Please sign up to be in the loop with your kids’ classes and events
      • For continuing parents, log into Konstella and join your child’s classroom to enable classroom communications. If you do not add your child to classrooms in Konstella, you will receive school-wide communications but you will not receive communications specific to your child’s class.
      • For new Escondido parents, create an account on Konstella. To get started with Konstella, simply go to this page to register: or download the Konstella app from the app store and use this code: YDSRAL. Then join your child’s classroom to enable classroom communications.
      • For year long Distance Learning families – we have created a Distance Learning classroom so you can stay connected with other families at Escondido and receive Escondido wide communications. 

2) PTA Website The PTA is revising its website to contain relevant information for back-to-school, descriptions of the online learning resources offered by the district, volunteer opportunities, and more.

3) WhatsApp (optional, recommended platform for parent-to-parent communications). Konstella is funded by PTA and is an official PTA channel for PTA and school sponsored events and communications.  While we encourage parent-to-parent communications and committees, we find that especially in Distance Learning it is really helpful for parents to have access to other parents for topics that are outside of coordinating school sponsored activities and events.

WhatsApp groups have been  functioning well within Escondido in the past year  (eg. classrooms and incoming kinders). For the 2020-2021 school year, the PTA will be helping each grade to set up 2 WhatsApp groups: one for the full grade, and one for Spanish Immersion. Classrooms are free to set up WhatsApp channels as well. You will be contacted by a grade-leader to join these channels based on the grade/track your child attends, after school starts. It is 100% optional –  recommended as a means for parents to communicate with each other. 

    • How to join? Download the WhatsApp application onto your smartphone, and accept invitation from your grade-leader when it comes.