Escondido School uses an online directory located at:

The directory allows you to search for student and family names, room number, grade and teacher.  The information in the online directory is used to create the printed directory. If you want people in the Escondido School community to be able to contact you, it is important to keep your information accurate and current.


Please note: The Escondido School directory is made available only to parents, guardians and staff of Escondido Elementary school. All online access to the directory is password protected.

Escondido School directory privacy statement:
The information contained within the Escondido School directory may only be used for school-related activities, such as looking up a classmate’s family, setting up play dates and birthday parties, or organizing field trips etc.. Directory data cannot be shared with, or used by, any other organization — for profit or otherwise — and may not be sold or shared with advertisers. By using this directory you agree to abide by these rules. Thank you!